Schedule Auditor brings together the knowledge of three leading project management and scheduling companies to put forward a platform for advanced schedule analysis including artificial intelligence (AI). Our decades of experience in our different specialties, assisting many of the world's leading companies, has provided us with unique experiences and expertise. Schedule Auditor leverages the power of the world's most intelligent project management and scheduling tool, Aurora, to assess and audit the quality and robustness of your project management model; determining important properties about your schedule that are difficult to determine and that may significantly impact your overall project.

Schedule Auditor's analytics engine is already ready and available to apply advanced quality schedule assessment (far beyond the DCMA 14-point checks) to your critical models. Additionally, this will be world's first cloud hosted subscription-based model offering flexible and as well as economical options to our clients.

Contact us now at [email protected] to learn how you can have your models analyzed and start to receive the benefits of in a few days. Experience a new level of understanding and transparency.